At EPIC Kids care we value:

Education-We encourage every child to build a genuine love for learning. We recognize that each child is an individual and must be allowed to develop at his or her own pace. We strive to thoughtfully plan activities that meet the developmental needs of all children and activities which follow sound early childhood developmental principles. 

People-We believe that the quality of care we provide is measured by the quality of relationships we have with the children, parents, and fellow teachers. Respectful relationships are very important and are an emphasis in the EPIC organization. We are committed to ensuring these relationships are respectful, honest, warm, caring and open. 

Integrity-We conduct ourselves with honest and straightforward actions and speech in everything we do from the office to the classroom and with our interactions with parents.

Care-We believe that all children have the right to a safe and nurturing environment where they feel comfortable and secure. We are aware of parents' expectations of our daycare, their children and teachers. We work to meet or exceed these by demonstrating commitment, ownership and pride in the care we provide. 


Infant Room

Price Per Week - $217

In addition to holding and cuddling the infants, our teachers are always interacting with them to encourage their mental and physical development. 

Two's Room

Price Per Week - $187

In our two's room we expand on the foundation established in the toddler room. We begin to introduce more routine and structure to children's activities and daily schedule. Your child will build vocabulary and learn functional numerical skills. In this room we will also begin potty training with your child. 

Walker/Crawler Room

Price Per Week - $217

In addition to interacting with your children on their level, teachers work with each child in a series of stimulating activities that incorporate the natural routines of feeding and play. 

K-3 Class

Price Per Week - $167 

In our K-3 class your child will have a lot of opportunity to explore learning centers and participate in dramatic play. Your child will learn to recognize letters and some letter sounds. They will also begin to learn basic numerical skills and begin to understand the concepts of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  

Toddler Room

Price Per Week - $217

Your toddler has many opportunities to physically explore their world inside the classroom and on the climbing gym. They also begin more structured activities such as learning centers and circle time. Your toddler will begin learning concepts of color and size and will build their vocabulary. 

K-4 Class

Price Per Week - $167

Our K-4 program prepares children for kindergarten by teaching foundational literacy and math skills. Children learn letter-sound relationships, sight-word recognition and basic mathematical functions.



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